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It's Never too Late to Get Set

GetSet caters for people who do not wish to attend a gym. Raewyn is a Personal Trainer in her 60’s and she knows how hard it can be to fit into the usual Gym culture. So she has created a boutique Studio (in Murrays Bay) where every client can work out in private with no pressure.

The Coaching you receive is personalised, professional and driven by your goals, preferences and abilities. Every client has Raewyn’s undivided attention for the entire workout. She is your ‘unreasonable buddy’ in the nicest possible way, to make sure no time is wasted and you are not injured. You will receive support and motivation, alongside honesty and respect. Every workout is effective yet enjoyable - and EVERY CLIENT GETS RESULTS!

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Your Trainer Raewyn

Raewyn is passionate about helping people to prepare for a happy, healthy future by living fully today. Her goal is to motivate and empower Clients to develop their health and fitness so that they can achieve their full potential in every area of their life, and be ‘rocking it’ until a great old age. Raewyn firmly believes that exercise does not have to hurt, and she loves seeing her clients re-discover how good it feels to ‘move again’.

Raewyn is a Middle-aged Specialist, and Functional Aging Certified Trainer, so injuries, obesity, arthritis, diabetes, frozen shoulders etc are all well within her expertise.


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Success Stories

"Raewyn has helped me so much over the past few months to improve my fitness and mobility. I am thrilled with the results so far. She tailors the programme to suit my abilities and physical issues, while advancing me at the same time. The best thing I have done this year for my health!"

Judy Gibb

"I have been training with Raewyn for nearly 3 years and have found her support and motivation exactly what I needed. Raewyn has extensive knowledge on nutrition, fitness regimes and techniques. I am extremely happy with the progress I have already made and am looking forward to the rewards and ongoing benefits."

Tryphena Perry

"I absolutely appreciate Raewyn’s dedication as my personal trainer and strongly recommend her. She instills confidence, communicates and encourages to make you want to work harder and apply yourself more diligently. Her enthusiasm is infectious! I look forward to sessions each week and notice the progress I make too. Thanks Raewyn!"

Sylvia Bevin

"I have lost inches from around my waist, and fat from all over the place. All of my clothes are too big for me now. I have a good understanding of what is in the food I eat – thanks to Raewyn, and at the weekend I look for active things to do! (and I can put my shoes on without getting out of breath)."

Todd Fletcher

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